Facts Photography Competition 2017

Entry rules:

  • All submitted images must be of high resolution, taken with either a digital camera or camera phone with a minimum resolution of 8 megapixels;
  • All images must be of Kent urban landscapes;
  • All entries must be appropriate for an open office environment;
  • All entries must be submitted by 5.00pm on Friday 8th December 2017;
  • Entries should be submitted as an email attachment or A4 print with the entrant’s name and e-mail attached on a separate sheet;
  • Entries should be submitted to Laura Leech and emailed to laura.leech@facts.uk.com ;
  • Judging will take place week commencing Monday 18th December 2017;
  • All images will be anonymised as part of the judging process;
  • Winners will be announced on week commencing Monday 18th December 2017;
  • The judges’ decision is final;
  • Winning entrants must be prepared to supply a memory card containing the winning image to ISS.


Competition Prizes

There will be three winners, as placed by the competition judges and they will receive the following prizes:

1st place – £100;

2nd place – £50;

3rd place – £25.

Prizes are non-transferable and will be awarded to the competition winners only.

Cash prizes will be matched by Facts International and donated to Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust as part of the company’s ongoing fund-raising activities.

In the event that there are insufficient entries or that the entries are of insufficient quality to be featured in the Facts office, the competition will be declared null and void and Facts International will not be able to donate the identified prize match to Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust.


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