Healthy Ageing in Scotland – HAGIS


Healthy Ageing in Scotland (HAGIS) is a study of people aged 50+ in Scotland. Currently in its pilot phase, HAGIS will interview 1,000 individuals aged 50 and over in their homes, collecting detailed information on health, economic and social circumstances in order to both understand and improve the health and wellbeing of Scotlands’ older population.

Gathering data on aspects such as cognitive ability, financial literacy and social networks will provide clear differentiation from other global ageing studies and will help ensure HAGIS and Scotland are a valued source in international comparisons of ageing research.

As the appointed market research agency for the HAGIS study, our specialist interviewers will visit participants at home during the period October 2016 to March 2017. They will work with participants to gather vital details such as social networks, physical health, education, employment and retirement planning.

Facts International  is a leading UK market research agency specialising in face to face and telephone interviewing along with online research. We have a nation-wide team of face to face interviewers and have won multiple awards for our data collection quality and skill. As experts in conducting in-home studies of a sensitive nature, we look forward to working with participants and partnering with the HAGIS team on this landmark study.


The study is being operated by Professor David Bell from The University of Stirling, Professor Ian Deary from The University of Edinburgh, Dr Elaine Douglas from the University of Stirling and Gemma Stephenson from Facts International.

If you have received a letter from us and would like to find out more about our visit, or arrange an appointment, please contact us on our dedicated participant telephone line 01233 648 490

Additionally, participants can find out more information on the HAGIS study from:


Freephone 0800 6855 771

HAGIS is funded by the Nuffield Foundation and the National Institute on Aging.


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