Face-to-face interviewing

With our extensive nationwide field team comprising 1,000+ highly trained and experienced face-to-face interviewers, we can offer the following:

  • In-home interviews
  • Street interviews
  • Exit interviews
  • Hall tests
  • Mystery shopping
  • Focus groups

All of our field representatives are true brand ambassadors and understand the nuances of face-to-face data capture and the importance of accurately representing each brand.

Our face-to-face field research capacity includes:

  • State-of-the-art data collection equipment including laptops and tablet computers
  • 1,000+ field interviewers around the UK & Ireland
  • 700+ focus group recruiters
  • 14 tightly controlled supervisor areas
  • Interviewers trained to IQCS standards
  • Regular spot checking of interviewers to ensure consistently high standards
  • Computer-aided paper interviewing (CAPI) and mobile computer-aided paper interviewing (mCAPI) capabilities
  • Audio and visual stimuli for ad & brand research
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