Views on the big society

Views on the big society

The idea of the Big Society has been a recent development and Facts International has been involved with its sister company, Opinion Leader, to understand the views of those in paid employment. They were asked how they felt about giving up some of their time to help society in general and/or the communities close to their home or work, and about the role their employer can play in allowing such activity.

Facts International successfully set-up and completed 2,000 interviews using an online methodology over a four day period. A ten-minute questionnaire was carefully designed by Opinion Leader, containing a number of behavioural statements, to better understand the public’s attitude towards volunteering their time, both personal and during work hours.

Upon completion of fieldwork, Facts International processed and analysed the data thoroughly and presented the results back to the client in a set of tabulations. With effective communication and working closely with the client, the research was turned around in a record time in order to meet the client’s tight deadlines.


  • Public sector
  • Attitude survey
  • Set-up and completion of 2,000 interviews
  • Quick turnaround
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Insight and reporting
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