Stonehenge Summer Solstice Visitor Research

Facts International was commissioned by BDRC Continental to conduct research with visitors to Stonehenge on the evening of the Summer Solstice (June 2016). The research aimed to understand visitors’ motivation for visiting, their travelling habits, their opinions of the event and Stonehenge generally. A face-to-face methodology with visitors overnight was used and a total of 300 interviews were completed during this one night. Facts International was responsible for delivering BDRC Continental with tables, which formed […]

Sponsorship Awareness Measurement Amongst Wimbledon Attendees

Repucom (now Nielsen Holdings plc) commissioned Facts International on behalf of their client, a leading international financial institution. The aim of the research was to conduct interviewing outside Wimbledon, to gauge attendees’ knowledge of the sponsorships within the complex. Face-to-face interviewing was conducted at Wimbledon exits and local tube stations using tablet computers. In total 504, 5-minute interviews were successfully achieved. Interviewing was conducted during the first week of play (23rd to 27th June 2016). SPSS […]

Budget Consultation Focus Groups for Kent County Council

Facts International was commissioned by Kent County Council to conduct qualitative research with Kent residents in order to assess views towards the council’s upcoming budget. A focus group methodology was used in order to assess views towards a range of council services including the rate of Council Tax, spending priorities, and strategic policy options. A total of 92 participants attended the three-hour deliberative events across the county across a two-week timespan. Facts International delivered a […]

Southeastern Stakeholder Sentiment Evaluation

The perceptions of key stakeholders are important to Southeastern due to their role via consultation in the franchise renewal process and because of their influencing role on public opinion. The ultimate goal of this strategic research was to help Southeastern build a positive reputation as an organisation committed to passenger experience. Specific objectives were to obtain a quantifiable stakeholder sentiment that measures attitudes towards Southeastern using a reliable and repeatable metric, understand what is driving/reinforcing […]

Advertising Awareness Measurement for Citizen Watches

Facts International was commissioned by Liz Ross Martyn and Limited Space to carry out research with shoppers at Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre. The research aimed to measure awareness of advertising for Citizen watches within the shopping centre. Shoppers in the Bullring were approached by a face-to-face interviewer and completed a survey related to their awareness of, and opinions towards, various marketing materials in the shopping centre. A total of 100 x 5-minute interviews were completed […]

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