Customer satisfaction tracking

Customer satisfaction tracking

Facts International currently conducts two large-scale customer satisfaction tracker studies with affluent and branch customers of a well-known financial institution.

The studies monitor customer satisfaction and measure overall opinion of the bank, and the opinion of the individual branches and banking managers using Net Promoter Score (NPS) alongside 7-point semantic satisfaction scales.

For both studies, Facts International automatically triggers ‘hot’ alerts for dissatisfied customers, so that the bank can action these within 24 hours of the customer being called. Similarly, we send ‘excellence’ alerts for particularly high levels of satisfaction. The 45,000 interviews per month are conducted from our state-of-the-art communications centre based in Ashford, which also incorporates international calls as part of the study.

The insights from our work aid the bank to develop its customer-focused strategies and deliver an improved bottom line performance for its stakeholders.


  • Large-scale customer satisfaction tracker studies
  • Financial services sector
  • Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
  • 45,000 interviews per month
  • UK and international audiences
  • Hot alerts for dissatisfied customers
  • Excellence alerts for very satisfied customers
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