Crispin Beale on why apprenticeships matter

Facts International has invested in apprenticeships for almost 30 years. In more recent times the company has brought on board some of the most talented young individuals from across the county, earning us apprenticeship employer accolades. Our apprentices have gone on to create many innovations within the business, as well as win awards in their own right.

Crispin Beale, Chief Executive, says of the award-winning scheme “I am so proud of the hard work that Facts International puts into the apprenticeship programme, especially the emphasis on training and development.  Apprenticeships help employees improve their skills and ensure that the skills developed are matched to the company’s future needs.  This helps fill skills gaps and allows the business to source future managers and leaders in-house.  I’m especially proud of the number of apprentices who have not only stayed with the company in a full-time role at the end of their apprenticeship but have then gone on to progress their career with further promotions within Facts International.

Many of our apprentices have brought a fresh approach and positive attitude to the business, which has a knock-on effect on existing staff. One of our apprentices, who has since had two promotions here at Facts, introduced an Excel macro created and developed under his own steam, in order to help all Project Assistants to estimate the time required for verbatim cleaning, creating internal efficiencies saving the business both time and money.

Apprentices take on tasks from the more experienced staff which not only allows them to be more productive and further their own careers but also as our apprentices have come from a range of backgrounds, including those who don’t want the cost of going to university, which means they have brought fresh insight to the business.

Investing in apprenticeships also boosts our Corporate Social Responsibility approach which is good for attracting new clients and future high-calibre staff.”



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