How to structure your questionnaire – the importance of positioning

With research budgets and project turnaround times becoming ever tighter, opportunities to think about the structure and flow of a market research questionnaire can easily be forgotten. Making sure those final extra questions from research stakeholders are squeezed in often takes key precedence when getting a project into field. Whether it be an online, telephone, or face-to-face methodology, where you actually position questions can have a big impact on survey responses.  This is especially important […]

Less pain, more gain: Making it easy for customers

Customer Effort (CE) is becoming an increasingly important key metric in measuring customer experience. Research suggests that it is a more powerful predicator of customer loyalty compared to other key metrics, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS); meaning that rather than ‘delighting’ customers, it is far more effective to concentrate on minimising their effort and solving their problems as they go through the customer journey. Indeed in a digital world where technology has made life […]

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