Apprenticeship Reflection- Jack Kelly 2018

“I started at Facts International as a Telephone Interviewer while still studying for my A Levels. After I finished my A Levels I was looking for some more permanent employment. I knew university wasn’t for me as my interest in structured learning was coming to an end. The idea of working, learning and earning appealed to me, so I began looking for apprenticeships.

After a swift and painless interview stage, I started as a Research Apprentice at Facts International. I worked with all departments within the business, which enabled me to get a really strong understanding of the processes at Facts and research in general. The college course supplemented my work, by providing a more general understanding of life at work, which can be tough to adapt to after so long at school! My favourite part of the apprenticeship was attending the MRS Summer School. Facts like to invest in their employees and the 3-day Summer School covers common research methodologies and tools in an easy to understand way, getting you up to speed quickly.

I am now working as a Senior Research Executive, having moved up through the ranks over the last two years. I am involved in running large projects independently, as well being out of the office visiting clients regularly.

I believe apprenticeships are good for research because they get people in at ground level, where they can gain a deep understanding of many aspects of the industry. Sometimes coming in at graduate level can leave gaps in your knowledge of some of the more basic operations, which are still important to know about”.

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